Track Night #3 – January 31

Our track workouts are put together by Ian Loughead. Ian will be at the Canada Games Centre on December 27 to guide us through.

Warm Up (12 minutes)

  • 10 minute easy paced warm up. No heavy breathing here! Nice and slow.
  • 2×10 sec strides.

Movement Activations (3 minutes)

Now that we are warmed up, a few movement activations:

  • Side lunges (5 on each side),
  • Back Reach on one leg (5 per side),
  • Step back lunge (5 per side)


VO2 max session. All runners should be running each interval at about 5K race pace or slightly faster.  Each interval is time based at 3 minutes of running. The rest time starts to shrink which makes the next interval slightly harder. Try to maintain a similar pace/effort for the whole time. Your rest should be a slow jog, walk if you have to, but the idea is to keep your heart rate high for as much as possible.

3 min run, 3 min rest, 3 min run, 2:30 min rest, 3 min run, 2 min rest, 3 min run, 1:30 min rest, 3 min run, 1 min rest, 3 min run, 30 sec rest, 3 min run

Cool Down (10 minutes)

10 min cool down. Walking is fine or extremely easy jog.