Anything for a selfie – Run notes for Monday, February 6, 2017

Anything for a selfie including a close call for Paul and Ian!

Great to see people out on a chilly night.  Tonight we had 4 different pace groups.

Here are some club notes we passed along after the run:

  • Daylight saving time starts Sunday, March 12 meaning for our Monday, March 13 run we will once again have enough daylight to run the trail.  Depending on trail conditions we will either run the BLT Trail or the Chain of Lakes Trail. Chain of Lakes is the safe bet since it’s cleared of snow during the winter.
  • We are offering members waiting for back-ordered black or white tank tops the option to replace with a gravel color.  As well, for any other members interested we can add to this order provided your size and colour are available (noted below):

    Men’s Singlet
    White: 26-S, 22-M, 106-L, 167-XL, 46-XXL
    Black: 132-S, 1-M, 0-L, 217-XL, 78-XXL
    Gravel: 116-S, 0-M, 97-L, 98-XL, 43-XXL

    Women’s Singlet
    White: 18-XS, 0-S, 0-M, 246-L, 125-XL
    Black: 9-XS, 87-S, 0-M, 0-L, 285-XL
    Gravel: 204-XS, 0-S, 25-M, 180-L, 134-XL

  • After we conclude this order we will establish an apparel committee to work on new gear for the 2017 season.
  • We are once again going to organize a Reboot Run, the focus is to get people back into running after winter hiatus.  As we did last year, we will plan to serve hot chocolate after the event. Date and location to be announced soon.
  • As we continue with speed workouts at the Canada Games Centre, we will use this to set the stage for members to follow a workout program in the weeks that follow each monthly workout. After our indoor sessions conclude in March, we will move monthly speed workouts outdoors starting in April.
  • Our next Jog & Joe is this Saturday at the Smiling Goat Bishops Landing. Join us for a 40 minute run along the beautiful Halifax Waterfront Boardwalk and on to Point Pleasant Park. We will be doing a draw for a free race entry to the Shubie Classic 5k.