Track Night #4 – February 28

2017-01-31 19.53.54
January 31 track night participants

Prepared by Ian Loughead

Plyo Time!

Warm Up (12 minutes)

  • 10 minute easy paced warm up. No heavy breathing here! Nice and slow.
  • 2×10 sec strides.

Movement Activations (3 minutes)

Now that we are warmed up, a few movement activations:

  • Side lunges (5 on each side),
  • Back Reach on one leg (5 per side),
  • Step back lunge (5 per side)


Plyometric session. These are explosive movements, originating from the ankle through the knees and into the hips. It is important that you stop if you feel any pain. Each exercise will be done 4 times with a hard lap between each set.

  • Set 1 – Ankle hops. Hop for 20 seconds on your toes, sinking almost to the heel before bouncing back up. 20 seconds, then a lap. X4

Take a breather and a drink

  • Set 2 – 1 person at a time (form 2 lines). 6 squat jumps then a hard lap. Rest in line before performing again. X4

Take a breather and a drink

  • Set 3 – Forward leaps (form 2 lines). 6 jumps and a hard lap. Rest in line before going again. X 4.

Cool Down (10 minutes)

10 min cool down. Walking is fine or extremely easy jog.