Track Night #5 – March 27

February 28 Track Night Participants

Prepared by Ian Loughead.

March 27 will be the last of our indoor track sessions. Starting in April we will move speed-work outdoors. Here is the workout:

Warm Up (12 minutes)

  • 10 minute easy paced warm up. No heavy breathing here! Nice and slow.
  • 2×10 sec strides.

Movement Activations (3 minutes)

Now that we are warmed up, a few movement activations:

  • Side lunges (5 on each side),
  • Back Reach on one leg (5 per side),
  • Step back lunge (5 per side)


3 x 5 laps. This is a progression style run. Each lap will be slightly faster than the last until the final lap, which will be as fast as you can hold at a consistent pace. If you are running by heart rate zone the laps would essentially be Low Zone 4, Mid Zone 4, High Zone 4, Low Zone 5, Mid Zone 5. Pace wise they would be 10km pace, 20 sec faster, 20 sec faster, 5km pace, 20 sec faster. Going on effort alone, faster than warm up pace then begin to slowly build each lap.

Finish with an easy lap and a drink, regroup and get ready for the second then third set.

Cool Down (10 minutes)

10 min cool down. Walking is fine or extremely easy jog.