Speed Work Week 1, Welcome to 2018

Here we are starting a new year and with the frigid temperatures outdoors we will be hosting our speed work indoors on the track for a couple of months. For those that aren’t joining the formal session, you can use this workout as you see fit.

The main focus is on form, which we achieve by running fast. And for those running the MEC race 1, this will help get a little speed back into the legs.

10 min light jog. At the end of the light jog feel free to add 2 strides of 10-15 seconds (short sprints).
After the jog you can perform your movement activation drills. 5 squats, 5 step back lunges, 5 side step squats (per side), marching drill with hop.

We will do 6 intervals at speed of 400 meter repeats or 2 laps (for many tracks this may end up being more than 400m so take that into account). After each 400 you will do a light 200m/1 lap jog. Try not to let your heart rate drop too much between intervals as this will be more beneficial overall.

400m paces are based on 5km race pace. Please choose what you consider to be your current 5 km race pace (not necessarily your all time best). This would ideally be within the last few months or else add 1 min to your last race time. If you are on the cusp and have not raced in a long time, round up. If you don’t have the ability to judge pace indoors, try to aim for a speed that is fast but sustainable for the whole interval. It should be hard but achievable, this is not a sprint.

Race Time    Avg Pace           400m Target Time      Avg Pace in Min/Mile

35 min+:      6:23 min/km –       2:33                                 10:15 min/mi

30-35 min:  5:50 min/km –       2:20                                   9:23 min/mi

27-30 min:  5:18 min/km –       2:07                                    8:30 min/mi

25-27 min:  4:53 min/km –       1:57                                     7:50 min/mi

23-25 min:  4:27 min/km –       1:47                                      7:10 min/mi

21-23 min:  4:05 min/km –      1:38                                      6:34 min/mi

20 min:       3:45 min/km –      1:30                                       6:02 min/mi

19 min:       3:35 min/km –      1:26                                        5:46 min/mi

18 min:       3:25 min/km –     1:22                                         5:29 min/mi

Cool down is a 10 min easy jog.