Speed Work 2018 – I Can See for Miles and Johnny Miles

Johnny Miles Weekend is here for many runners. Maybe you are one of them? If so I am often asked if you should do some speed work right before a race. For those people that I coach directly, I tend to say yes, but with a caveat. First, do the minimum number of intervals, and second, hold back just a little bit. The goal is to get some good fast paced repetitions in, to teach the body that running fast is still a thing, without tiring you out. At the every least I would suggest a runner do some fast strides or 200m repeats 3- days before the event.

6:30 pm start time at the Coke Plant / COLT.

As people found out last time, 600’s are hard. Maybe the hardest interval there is. Why? An 800 is long enough that you know you need to slow down. 400 is short enough that if you start too fast you can kind of hang in there. 600 is right in between and will bite you if you treat it like a 400, though you need to push a little harder than an 800.

So 600’s require pacing and that is what you can focus on, pacing to try and get them all the same.

While the group will workout this week together, I will include the workout on this page should you not be able to make it. If you are unfamiliar with interval sessions, attending a few would be a good idea, or at least finding someone who understands how these work. I must say that the most important part of this workout is the warm up, followed closely by the cool down with the intervals being third in line. Under no circumstances should you skip the warm up and cool down. Also try to run the assigned paces, even if they feel easy to start. You should be left tired by the end, but not destroyed. With that being said, here we go.

10 min light jog. At the end of the light jog feel free to add 2 strides of 10-15 seconds (short sprints).
After the jog you can perform your movement activation drills. 5 squats, 5 step back lunges, 5 side step squats (per side), marching drill with hop.

600 meter repeats are the new 800. A distance that is quite hard but one where we still run fairly hard.  Again we will be doing 4-6 repeats. If you are new to intervals stick to 4, if you have been doing 4 so far, stick to 4 again as the increase in distance will mean you will feel it a lot. If you have been doing 5 or 6 intervals up to this point try doing 5. 6 will be reserved for those that need a big workout, as that is 3600 meters of running, a far bit more than most are used to doing.  After each 600 you will do a light 200m jog. Try to limit the rest time between each 600m run, as sustaining a higher heart rate will end up being more beneficial.  On the trail we will be doing our 600’s in both directions this week to minimize recovery time.

Paces are based on 5km race pace. Please choose what you consider to be your current 5 km race pace (not necessarily your all time best). This would ideally be within the last few months or else add 1 min to your last race time. If you are on the cusp and have not raced in a long time, round up.

Race Time    Avg Pace           600m Target Time      Avg Pace in Min/Mile

35 min+:      6:25 min/km –       3:51                                 10:19 min/mi

30-35 min:  5:52 min/km –       3:31                                   9:26 min/mi

27-30 min:  5:20 min/km –       3:12                                   8:35 min/mi

25-27 min:  4:55 min/km –       2:57                                     7:54 min/mi

23-25 min:  4:29 min/km –       2:41                                      7:13 min/mi

21-23 min:  4:07 min/km –      2:28                                      6:37 min/mi

20 min:       3:45 min/km –      2:15                                       6:02 min/mi

19 min:       3:36 min/km –      2:09                                        5:47 min/mi

18 min:       3:27 min/km –     2:04                                         5:32 min/mi

Cool down is a 10 min easy jog.