2019 Indoor Speed Work Week 5 and 6

Welcome, let’s get going!

We start each workout with a good 10 minute easy jog around the track. This should be a run easy enough to chat with your friends. Please get started on this warm up run as soon as you get to the track as our time is limited. Warmup will be done in a clockwise manner and then the workout will change direction to go counter clockwise.

As we share this track session with another running group, we need to be aware when crossing lanes at any time during our workout.  We have lanes 1,2,3 (the inner most lanes)

Following the warmup run we will do some activation movements. Many of you are familiar with these and so I encourage you to move straight into them. For others, I will lead you through it. The movements are: 5 two legged squats, 5 side step squats (per side), step back lunge (5 per side) with high knee follow through, high knee march on spot.

This week we increase the distance slightly. We start with 2-3×400 (2-3 x 2 laps), with 1 lap rest between intervals. The overall pace should be about what you run you 5K races at. Try to complete the 400s without stopping. Follow this set with a rest, either a walk or light jog for 3 minutes (now is a great time to grab a drink). We then finish with 2×400 (2×2 laps) at a slightly faster pace (again 5k race pace or effort) with 1 lap easy between each.

To finish up, do another easy 10 minute jog at a chattable pace.

Please feel free to ask questions, and do watch what you are doing as the track will be busy.