Tips for Solo Running

As we try to figure out a new normal, here are some friendly tips and reminders about solo running while we are under Covid-19 measures:

  • It’s best to run by yourself. If you like to run with a partner, maintain adequate distance (at least 2 metres).
  • Don’t solo run if you are self isolating (unless you stay on your own property such as using a treadmill in your home).
  • Try to run in places that are less frequented by walkers or other runners.
  • Try going at off peak times such as early in the day as to avoid other people.
  • When crossing or passing others such as walkers, be courteous and veer off course leaving at least 2-metres distance between you and others.
  • Run from where you live. Do not drive somewhere to do your run.
  • Bring a mobile phone with you and share your location with family or a friend.
  • Do not run in parks that are closed.
  • Be visible. Don’t forget to wear reflective gear if running at night.
  • Try to refrain from some of the gross stuff runners sometimes do such as spitting or snot rockets!
  • Share and be (virtually) social! Take a selfie and share it with your running friends. Don’t forget to cheer each other on with kudos and likes!

Virtual MonRun

Normally, we meet every Monday night for MonRun (our weekly group run). Though Monrun was temporarily suspended on March 23, we are encouraging members to share your solo MonRun by posting a fun photo to our Member Facebook Group using the hashtags #monrun and #BLTRvrun. A photo will be chosen each week and featured on the BLT Runners public Instagram account Facebook page.