Not ready to resume club activities just yet

The province has been slowly re-opening and we are seeing a mix of responses in the sport and recreation community. Some organizations have outright cancelled summer activities while others are in the midst of implementing return-to-play or return-to-practice.

As a grassroots club, it is very important that we make a positive impact on our communities. This has been a guiding principle throughout the pandemic.

In considering if we can resume activities, the most applicable guidance our Board has seen so far has come from Athletics Nova Scotia (track and field). Their return-to-sport protocol includes direction for clubs for distancing, group size, hygiene, and facility use. There is also direction for clubs on symptom screening, taking attendance for contact tracing, and several other measures such as appointing a liaison to make sure all protocols are enforced.

Based on guidance we have seen from government and Athletics Nova Scotia, our Board is not yet ready to resume any regular club-organized group runs or training sessions. We feel the current public health measures and best practices from the athletics community are too difficult to fully comply with given our resources. As public health rules are relaxed and guidance change, we will re-evaluate.

Here is what we will do in the meantime:

  1. We will consider organizing additional one-off events such as the Anniversary MONRUN Drop By on June 8 where complying with guidelines is more realistic for us.
  2. Members who wish to organize their own group runs are free to post these events to our private members Facebook group, provided these events are capped at 10 attendees and that 2-metre distancing is maintained by participants.

We also invite feedback and suggestions from members. Please let any board member know if you have suggestions for future club activities during the pandemic.

Craig Durling, President
Ian Loughead, Vice President
Scott Keeping, Corporate Secretary
Nicole Mauger, Treasurer
Jacquelynn Spinney, Director
Gillian Hatcher, Director