On June 7, 2016, our founding members announced we would be starting a running club, the BLT Runners. We invited interested runners to come together for a public meeting to discuss what a running club for Beechville Lakeside Timberlea residents and friends would look like. Enthusiasm was high and people left excited. And with that, the BLT Runners were off.

Why did we start the BLT Runners?

  • We want to build a strong community of runners
  • There is a wide array of runners in the BLT and surrounding area
  • We want to build a stronger bond within this community
  • Our community should be fun, supportive, close knit, and one that brings people together

What we want

  • A cohesive and functioning organization
  • Shared responsibility and collective decision making within a group setting
  • Long term outlook, planning, execution
  • Continuity, sustainability, growth and rejuvenation – we want to make sure our club is and remains vibrant
  • Broader inclusion of runners in the BLT – connecting with new people and making it easy for people to find us and become part of our club
  • To be something that meets everyone’s needs
  • To build pride, team spirit, excitement

What we don’t want

  • Division, separation, rivalry
  • Reliance on a limited number of people to be successful
  • An ad hoc way of being
  • Non inclusiveness – we want to appeal to runners of a wide range of skill and interest

What would a running club do?

  • A staple of virtually every running club we have researched is a consistent run schedule.  We would have an established running schedule – 2-3 runs everyone can count on no matter what.
  • Relationship building through social activities
  • Team participation in local events
  • Fun club challenges
  • Road trips to races within our region
  • Member recognition
  • Continuous improvement opportunities

How do we operate?

  • We have a  volunteer leadership structure will keep our club vibrant
  • We are a registered non profit organization governed by a board of directors with accountability to members. Board members serve 3-year staggered terms with members electing 2 new board members annually.