#MONRUN – So far, so good.

Since re-starting #MONRUN (our Monday night group run) on August 24, things have gone really well.

After asking members for feedback, we implemented a few modifications. These included:

  • Two start times (6:15 pm and 6:30 pm) to reduce the number of people gathered at the same time.
  • A new meetup spot across the street where people can more easily distance and where we are not in the way of other trail users.
  • Masks while in the meetup spot.
  • Distancing during the run including giving appropriate space to other trail users.
  • Limiting time in the gathering spot.

The number of members turning up has steadily increased and so far everyone has easily adapted. This past Monday, we had 28 members split between the two start times, which is comparable to pre-Covid-19 turnouts.

Please consider giving #MONRUN a try under our modified format. While it is not quite the same as before, consensus seems to be that people are really enjoying the opportunity to re-connect with club-mates, even if from a safe distance.

We hope to see you soon!