2020 will be our 4th year participating in the Rum Runners Relay.

Our club has an inclusive model. However, for this event we cannot be fully inclusive in selecting teams due safety rules (time cut offs) and because we may not have the right number of runners to form teams of 10.

While we are somewhat limited in being inclusive, we will do our very best.

To be considered, you must meet the following criteria (which we have simplified from past years):

  • You must be an active member*
  • You must be able to meet the time cut off of 6:12/km pace

Runner Selection
We will select as many runners as possible. For example, if we receive 45 applications meeting the criteria, we would aim to select 40 runners (to fill 4 teams).

Closer to the event (e.g., in summer 2020) we will assign runners to specific teams and assign legs. We will organize teams as follows:

  1. One female team
  2. One male team
  3. Additional mixed teams

The female and male teams will be selected from active members*, with priority based on performance.

Selection to mixed teams will be based on other criteria in the application form such as willingness to spend the full day with the team and willingness to do any leg. We will give priority to runners who have represented the BLT Runners at the Rum Runners Relay in the past (i.e., we encourage runners to return). If needed, we will also give priority to runners based on club involvement. Performance will not be used in selecting runners for mixed teams as we have in past years.

* Active member is based on the last year and includes any level of participation at club organized events (group runs, social events, general meetings, fun runs, community work, etc.), volunteer service to the club such as coaching or event photography, or having represented the club at a running event (i.e., wearing BLT Runners apparel). Club involvement is based on similar criteria, based on breadth and frequency of involvement.

Selection Committee and Team Captains
A Selection Committee will be appointed by our Board of Directors. The Board of Directors will also approve a limited number of Team Captains from selected runners. Team Captains will assist with team and leg assignments, will be responsible for communicating with members and event organizers, and for organizing team logistics and runner support on race day including staying with their team(s) the full day. Captains will also help to coordinate water stations operated by the club. The club will cover the individual portion of the entry fee ($55) for Team Captains as approved by the Board of Directors.

Apply now! by filling out the application form.