Not ready to resume club activities just yet

The province has been slowly re-opening and we are seeing a mix of responses in the sport and recreation community. Some organizations have outright cancelled summer activities while others are in the midst of implementing return-to-play or return-to-practice. Read more

Remembering Chris Morrison

It is with extremely heavy hearts we must share with you the sudden passing of a member of our BLT Running family, Chris Morrison.

On May 2, 10 days before his 47th birthday, Chris crossed his final finish line. Then in one last act of kindness he gave the ultimate gift of organ donation. This selfless act, befitting of Chris, saved and improved countless lives and brings peace and comfort to his family and loved ones during an unimaginable time.

Chris was among the first to join BLT Runners upon its inception in 2016. After 7 marathons Chris became heavily involved in trail running, completing the Capes 50 km ultra event in 2019 and training for his first 100-mile event which was to be held this summer.

Chris was a positive and encouraging force to all who knew him. His gentle nature, dedication, kindness, and humour were unmatched.

Chris leaves behind his beloved wife, Karol Ann, his two cherished children Kellyn and Grant, his father Connie, brothers Paul and Peter, extended family, and a lifetime of friends. Please take a moment to read Chris’ obituary at:

The Chris Morrison Memorial Fund has been established to support student leaders with a joy for life graduating from Sydney Academy who will be attending St. FX University. Any donation, large or small, will go towards honouring a man who made those around him want to do better. Donations can be e-transferred to:

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Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update 2


After careful deliberation we have decided to temporarily cancel BLTR MonRuns until further notice. We encourage all members to continue with BLTR Virtual MonRuns, adding the hashtag #BLTvrun to your post on the BLTR Members Facebook Group. But, let’s make things more interesting, shall we? From your posts in the member group, we will choose a photo each week to feature on the BLTR Instagram and main BLTR Facebook page. Put on your creative thinking caps!

Social Distancing on the Trails:

Now that the warmer weather is here and many are looking to the outdoors to relieve stress, social distancing on the trails can be difficult. If running with another person, please adhere to social distance measures (6 feet apart). When approaching other trail users please pivot to single file so all can maintain a safe distance. We recognize other trail users may not be doing this but we can do our part.

If you have any questions or concerns don’t hesitate to reach out to a member of the board. Let’s stay active, stay healthy, stay 6 feet apart and #washyourhands!


Craig Durling
Ian Lougheed
Scott Keeping
Nicole Mauger
Jacquelynn Spinney
Gillian Hatcher

Speed Work 2019 Week 18 – Gonna Make You Sweat

6:30 pm start time at the Coke Plant / COLT.

Remember that the goal of an interval session is not to run as fast as possible, but to run faster than race pace and be able to rerun the same effort over and over.

While the group will workout this week together, I will include the workout on this page should you not be able to make it. If you are unfamiliar with interval sessions, attending a few would be a good idea, or at least finding someone who understands how these work. I must say that the most important part of this workout is the warm up, followed closely by the cool down with the intervals being third in line. Under no circumstances should you skip the warm up and cool down. Also try to run the assigned paces, even if they feel easy to start. You should be left tired by the end, but not destroyed. With that being said, here we go.

10 min light jog. At the end of the light jog feel free to add 2 strides of 10-15 seconds (short sprints). After the jog you can perform your movement activation drills. 5 squats, 5 step back lunges, 5 side step squats (per side), marching drill with hop

We will aim to do a session of 7-9x500m. If you have been doing 400’s, doing one less in total of 500’s will end up having you run just a little further at speed. We want to build up the distance we are running at speed now.  After each 500 you will do a light 200m jog. Try to limit the rest time between each 500m run, as sustaining a higher heart rate will end up being more beneficial.  On the trail we will be doing our 500’s in both directions this week to minimize recovery time.

Paces are based on 5km race pace. Please choose what you consider to be your current 5 km race pace (not necessarily your all time best). This would ideally be within the last few months or else add 1 min to your last race time. If you are on the cusp and have not raced in a long time, round up.

Race Time    Avg Pace           500m Target Time      Avg Pace in Min/Mile

35 min+:      6:23 min/km –       3:11                                 10:15 min/mi

30-35 min:  5:50 min/km –       2:55                                   9:23 min/mi

27-30 min:  5:18 min/km –       2:39                                    8:30 min/mi

25-27 min:  4:53 min/km –       2:26                                     7:50 min/mi

23-25 min:  4:27 min/km –       2:13                                     7:10 min/mi

21-23 min:  4:05 min/km –      2:02                                      6:34 min/mi

20 min:       3:45 min/km –      1:52                                       6:02 min/mi

19 min:       3:35 min/km –      1:47                                        5:46 min/mi

18 min:       3:25 min/km –     1:42                                         5:29 min/mi

Cool down is a 10 min easy jog.