Running under pandemic measures

You’ve surely noticed there are a lot more people on the sidewalks and trails the past few weeks. Authorities have also noticed, which is why we are now seeing far stricter measures aimed at limiting community spread of COVID-19. In the news today there are reports of fines issued for entering Point Pleasant Park and for failing to self-isolate.

When it comes to running, here’s what you need to know (as of today, March 30, 2020) but recognize these guidelines are evolving so please stay informed.

Bring your ID when running or walking: Citizens have been instructed to stay within their neighbourhoods for exercise and outdoor activity. We have been advised a trail user was stopped by police and asked for ID to verify they were from the area. Please stick to your neighbourhood and be prepared by having your ID on-hand.

Self Isolation: Per the latest provincial guidelines (issued on March 25, 2020), if you are returning from travel outside of Nova Scotia you must self-isolate for 14 days. This means you cannot leave your property, even for exercise. Solo runs are not permitted during self-isolation, unless you are running loops around your house. Keep an eye out for some skipping competitions posted by members exercising at home. (source:

Provincial parks are closed: Provincial parks are closed (such as Long Lake) but provincial trails (such as the BLT Trail) remain open for exercise, but only for those who are lucky enough to have these trails in their neighbourhood. Parking at these sites is not permitted. Please maintain a safe physical distance of at least 2 metres from other users. (source:

Municipal parks, fields and trails are closed: Exceptions include residential pathways connecting streets, multi-use paths that replace sidewalks, and trails in neighbourhoods provided they are not connected to a park. As above, residents are not permitted to drive to trails outside of their neighbourhood. This includes the Chain of Lakes trail which is OK to access if you walk or bike to it, but please don’t drive there. (sources:

Stay safe!

BLT Runners Board of Directors
Craig Durling
Ian Loughead
Gillian Hatcher
Jacquelynn Spinney
Nicole Mauger
Scott Keeping

Virtual Reboot Run


Are you stressed out about social distancing? Have you lost touch with your inner runner? Are you feeling discouraged, frustrated and a little like a couch potato?

Understandably, we are hearing many events are cancelled. And it’s likely more are coming.

Fortunately, our virtual run is here to lift your running spirits!

Even though we won’t all be together at the same place and time, we’ll run this knowing we are supporting each other to stay healthy, active and strong. Please join us.

Sign up for free:

BLT Runners – Coronavirus/COVID 19 Update

The BLT Board of Directors is monitoring this situation very closely and following all up-to-date government recommendations. We are committed to the health of our members and the general public and will make all decisions during this time with that in mind, while also being mindful our members gain a great deal from group participation.

  • To that end:
    Jog and Joes will be cancelled until further notice.
    The end of the month BLT social will be cancelled for March. April’s social will be evaluated at a later date.
    The annual Reboot Run now will be a virtual run, with a tentative date of March 28th through 29th for completion. This will be a 25-minute individual run with free registration through Race Roster. All who complete the run will receive a virtual medal. Please keep an eye on the BLT page for updates.
    The start date of spring speedwork will be evaluated as this situation plays out.

MONRUN – Our Monday Group Run
We suggest:

  • Do Monrun as a virtual run and post in social media using the hashtag #BLTrunners, #monrun and adding #BLTvrun in all your virtual run posts.
  • The option to attend Monrun in person will continue due to it being outside.
  • All members who have traveled outside of the country within the last 14 days or who have even mild symptoms of any illness are asked not to participate in-person.
  • We will not do the traditional group photo to adhere to social distance guidelines.
  • We also ask that you be mindful of the recommended distance for precautions (2 metres) when speaking to other members and please, no hugs/high fives/or contact of any kind ☹

If you have any questions, comments or concerns please reach out to a member of the board who will be happy to address it.


Craig Durling
Ian Lougheed
Scott Keeping
Nicole Mauger
Jacquelynn Spinney
Gillian Hatcher

We are implementing an annual member registration process

Previously, to become a member, you had to register once. Members will now be asked to register annually. Membership in the club remains free. Memberships will be by calendar year. Our first re-registration is for 2020 and is open now.

Member Benefits include:

  • Access to private Facebook Group for member communication
  • Member email updates
  • Invitations to club social events
  • Access to register for/participate in semi-guided speedwork sessions
  • Voting rights at Member General Meetings
  • Access to member raffles
  • Access to other offers and discounts

Why are we doing this?

We want to have a way of knowing who remains active in the club. Registering annually is an indication of a member’s intention to remain active, which is important for:

  1. Communication: We want to send messages to active members and do not want to spam those who are no longer interested.
  2. Member Input: If we are asking for member input, we would like to collect input from those who are active in the club.
  3. Facebook Group Access: Members have access to the private Facebook group. We want to preserve the perceived value of this benefit by limiting access to members who are active. Doing so also promotes a more closely knit community and higher engagement.
  4. Risk Management: Annual registration means that members are agreeing to our club waiver on frequent regular intervals, which is prudent for managing risk to the organization.
  5. Quorum for General Meetings: For meetings where members vote, such as our Annual General Meeting, we need 10% of members present. This is much easier to achieve where we limit membership to active members through annual registration.
  6. Planning for the Future: Having good member information, such as trends and demographics, will help the Board of Directors in future planning and budgeting.