From our club President

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the 2017 BLT Runners Christmas Marathon challenge!

Taking the time to stay active is hard, and it’s even harder around the holiday season. But all of you have proven that no matter how busy life gets, or no matter what obstacles are thrown our way (including frigid temperatures), we can always take the time to be healthy, in part through living an active lifestyle. You have all inspired me so much this past 7 days, so please don’t stop. Let’s inspire and encourage each other as we cruise into 2018. Best wishes for the new year and keep running healthy and strong!

Craig Durling, President

BLT Runners



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Our Rum Runners 2018 selections

Using our selection criteria we have chosen 20 people for our two Rum Runners team entries in 2018. We had a total of 36 people express interest so unfortunately we had to make some difficult decisions. Our criteria included:

  • participated on our 2017 Rum Runners Relay team
  • general club involvement
  • ability to comfortably meet the time cut off for each leg
  • willingness to take part in the full event and travel with the team
  • willingness to do any leg

Leading up to the event we know things are likely to change, so it is important that we have a strong list of alternates who we can call upon to sub in if someone else has to back out. We will figure out how to divide into two specific teams some time next summer.

Below are the 20 selections:

Tracy Belliveau, Tom Boyce, Pat Bradley, Tom Burt, Kevin Cody, Craig Durling, Stacey Durling, Bruce Gallagher, Dave Gallant, Scott Keeping, Heather Lee Callaghan, Chantal Noel Levesque, Ian Loughead, Marg Organ, Shane JJ Patelakis, Stephan Richard, June Ross, Annette Myles Travis, Heather Hudson Travis, and Sarah Warford

How about a little BLT with your rum?

Since 1985 people have been running the 10-stage relay from Halifax to Lunenburg known as the Rum Runners Relay. This mainstay of the Nova Scotia running community is a must-do event.  Some of our club members have raced in this event before, but given the young age of our club, this was the first time we entered a BLT Runners team. With the challenging terrain and rolling hills along the south shore, our members certainly rose to the occasion on race day. On top of that, we had a lot of fun.  Below is a brief recap. Read more

Your choice of BLT or Smoked Salomon

It’s #MonRun with a twist. Aerobics First and Salomon will be joining us for a trail shoe demo night on Monday, July 17.  We’ll meet at our normal location at the BLT Trail Head parking lot beside the Coke Plant at 6:30 pm.

You can either do our regular group run on the BLT Trail, or you can test-drive a pair of trail shoes from the Salomon demo fleet and head off-road onto the single track trail off the BLT.

Please note, this is not a shoe sale. The shoes are the demo fleet so not available to buy, so no sales pressure. However, if you like what you try you can always go to a store to buy.

#MonRun notes for June 19

A slight blanket of fog encompassed the BLT Trail for #MonRun tonight making for cool and slightly damp conditions, a welcome change from yesterday’s humid heat. Read more