Friday Trail run is a bi-weekly run put on by the BLT Runners.

The format is a 60 – 90 minutes trail run averaging between 6-8km. Unlike other group runs this is an estimated time. Runs have ranged from 50 min to 125 min, due to the routes taken and stops. This route can change based on flood conditions and mud (we like to steer into the mud not away).

This run is only open to BLT registered members, and it is recommended runners attending be comfortable running 6:45-7:15 on the MonRun.


– Trail run organizer(s) are NOT certified guides, but only experienced trail runners volunteering and sharing their knowledge. As such, you are responsible for your own safety, and equipment.
– Be prepared to be self sufficient. Assistance and cellular coverage sporadic depending on trail and location could be hours away and

For your safety:

– Know your own Physical, Mental and Technical Abilities and your Restrictions.
– Adjust your plans accordingly. In this way, you can prevent problems that might cause personal injuries or injuries to others.
– Make sure you are well-informed about the trails you will take, the Hiking Terrain Conditions as well as Hiking Weather Conditions.
– Have a detailed and up to date Hiking Map with you.
– Check with local authorities for last minute updates and firsthand information.
– Make sure to be well-equipped for your intended hike and Terrain/Weather conditions.
– Take enough food and drinks for your intended hike. You may also bring more if you want.
– Inform people of your itinerary and your expected time of return. If possible, call those who are not joining you at regular inter

– All runners must be registered members (if you are not please registers it’s free)
– All runners must remain with the group.
– Group will have a lead runner and a cleanup runner (usually Shane and David)
– Head lamp (September – May)
– Bell for dogs

– Water
– Snack
– Trail running shoes

*We are a dog friendly run. Dogs are welcome long as they are socialized.

BLT Runners, and guides are not responsible for any injuries that may occur during or as a result of any run.

Each individual is responsible for researching the area and the hike and is responsible for his/her own safety.