We are implementing an annual member registration process

Previously, to become a member, you had to register once. Members will now be asked to register annually. Membership in the club remains free. Memberships will be by calendar year. Our first re-registration is for 2020 and is open now.

Member Benefits include:

  • Access to private Facebook Group for member communication
  • Member email updates
  • Invitations to club social events
  • Access to register for/participate in semi-guided speedwork sessions
  • Voting rights at Member General Meetings
  • Access to member raffles
  • Access to other offers and discounts

Why are we doing this?

We want to have a way of knowing who remains active in the club. Registering annually is an indication of a member’s intention to remain active, which is important for:

  1. Communication: We want to send messages to active members and do not want to spam those who are no longer interested.
  2. Member Input: If we are asking for member input, we would like to collect input from those who are active in the club.
  3. Facebook Group Access: Members have access to the private Facebook group. We want to preserve the perceived value of this benefit by limiting access to members who are active. Doing so also promotes a more closely knit community and higher engagement.
  4. Risk Management: Annual registration means that members are agreeing to our club waiver on frequent regular intervals, which is prudent for managing risk to the organization.
  5. Quorum for General Meetings: For meetings where members vote, such as our Annual General Meeting, we need 10% of members present. This is much easier to achieve where we limit membership to active members through annual registration.
  6. Planning for the Future: Having good member information, such as trends and demographics, will help the Board of Directors in future planning and budgeting.