Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update 2


After careful deliberation we have decided to temporarily cancel BLTR MonRuns until further notice. We encourage all members to continue with BLTR Virtual MonRuns, adding the hashtag #BLTvrun to your post on the BLTR Members Facebook Group. But, let’s make things more interesting, shall we? From your posts in the member group, we will choose a photo each week to feature on the BLTR Instagram and main BLTR Facebook page. Put on your creative thinking caps!

Social Distancing on the Trails:

Now that the warmer weather is here and many are looking to the outdoors to relieve stress, social distancing on the trails can be difficult. If running with another person, please adhere to social distance measures (6 feet apart). When approaching other trail users please pivot to single file so all can maintain a safe distance. We recognize other trail users may not be doing this but we can do our part.

If you have any questions or concerns don’t hesitate to reach out to a member of the board. Let’s stay active, stay healthy, stay 6 feet apart and #washyourhands!


Craig Durling
Ian Lougheed
Scott Keeping
Nicole Mauger
Jacquelynn Spinney
Gillian Hatcher