Running under pandemic measures

You’ve surely noticed there are a lot more people on the sidewalks and trails the past few weeks. Authorities have also noticed, which is why we are now seeing far stricter measures aimed at limiting community spread of COVID-19. In the news today there are reports of fines issued for entering Point Pleasant Park and for failing to self-isolate.

When it comes to running, here’s what you need to know (as of today, March 30, 2020) but recognize these guidelines are evolving so please stay informed.

Bring your ID when running or walking: Citizens have been instructed to stay within their neighbourhoods for exercise and outdoor activity. We have been advised a trail user was stopped by police and asked for ID to verify they were from the area. Please stick to your neighbourhood and be prepared by having your ID on-hand.

Self Isolation: Per the latest provincial guidelines (issued on March 25, 2020), if you are returning from travel outside of Nova Scotia you must self-isolate for 14 days. This means you cannot leave your property, even for exercise. Solo runs are not permitted during self-isolation, unless you are running loops around your house. Keep an eye out for some skipping competitions posted by members exercising at home. (source:

Provincial parks are closed: Provincial parks are closed (such as Long Lake) but provincial trails (such as the BLT Trail) remain open for exercise, but only for those who are lucky enough to have these trails in their neighbourhood. Parking at these sites is not permitted. Please maintain a safe physical distance of at least 2 metres from other users. (source:

Municipal parks, fields and trails are closed: Exceptions include residential pathways connecting streets, multi-use paths that replace sidewalks, and trails in neighbourhoods provided they are not connected to a park. As above, residents are not permitted to drive to trails outside of their neighbourhood. This includes the Chain of Lakes trail which is OK to access if you walk or bike to it, but please don’t drive there. (sources:

Stay safe!

BLT Runners Board of Directors
Craig Durling
Ian Loughead
Gillian Hatcher
Jacquelynn Spinney
Nicole Mauger
Scott Keeping